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OFMD Photos

Roman / Viking eras
Medieval era
Pirate era
European History
Colonial era
Californio era
Civil War era
Frontier era
Spanish-American War era
World War I era
World War II era
Viet Nam era
Modern Equipment
Special Personnel

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Photography is more than a hobby. It is a way to capture an event,
with its participates, its demonstrations, its educational value, and
the life it represents.
On these pages, you will take a walk through an event
that was the first of its kind in the City of Los Angeles,
County of Los Angeles, State of California, and the
West Coast.  The Old Fort MacArthur Days fundraiser 
is the first and only multi-cuItural event west of the
Mississippi River.  The event has grown from 25 groups
and/or organizations in 2000 to over 75 groups and/or
organizations in 2011.  Due to word of mouth, the event
continues to grow and who know what 2015 will bring. 
So come join the thousands of visitors that have seen
the 'First and Continuous Multi-Cultural, Living History
Event' in the City of the Angels, Los Angeles, California,
AND the West Coast.
Thanks for dropping by and visiting
the 'Old Fort MacArthur Days' Photo Album. 
Copyright 2013
The photographs in this site cannot be reproduced
without written permission of the web site designer.

Old Fort MacArthur Days Photos