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OFMD Photos

Special Personnel
Roman / Viking eras
Medieval era
Pirate era
European History
Colonial era
Californio era
Civil War era
Frontier era
Spanish-American War era
World War I era
World War II era
Viet Nam era
Modern Equipment
Special Personnel

The Gunny
R. Lee Emery had supported the fundraiser
for several years.  Although he has been
unable to attend the event recently, he wish
that you would join him in supporting the 
event and the Fort MacArthur Museum. 
The Gordan Highlanders

Look for future organizations that will be
supporting the Old Fort MacArthur Days
living history and fundraiser event, especially
during the upcoming 100th Anniversary Show.

The Entertainment
We are working on having entertainment for
the event in 2014 celebrating the big 100th
Anniversary of Fort MacArthur.  More news
on this once in a life time event will be
posted on the OFMD Event Page. Be sure
to check back with us later this year.
General MacArthur

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