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OFMD Photos

Roman / Viking eras

Roman / Viking eras
Medieval era
Pirate era
European History
Colonial era
Californio era
Civil War era
Frontier era
Spanish-American War era
World War I era
World War II era
Viet Nam era
Modern Equipment
Special Personnel

The Old Fort MacArthur Days fundraiser
became the first multi-cultural event in
California with the addition of the Lego IX
Hispana Roman group.  From there the
event has become the oldest multi-cultural
event this side of the Mississippi River.

Lego VI

The Roman groups have merged into one 
large organization and have asked for more
room in order to make its presentation.

The Vikings
The Gaesatae
2011 OFMD Espirit de Corp Winner

Cohort I

Old Fort MacArthur Days Photos