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A History of the First Multi-Cultural Living History Event on the West Coast.

In 1999, I took a trip to the Fort MacArthur Museum located in San Pedro.  The purpose was to see the Old Fort MacArthur Days Artillery Show.  The show was held on the weekend following the Fourth of July holiday.  The event featured a timeline of American Military History.
After watching the Spanish-American War 1898, I decided to seek out the director of the museum to help out with the event.  He made a direct comment that I will not repeat on this site.  But from that time, I became a committee of one (1) and took over the Old Fort MacArthur Days event.
In 1999 the event featured 15 groups.  In 2000 the event became the first multi-cultural living history event in all of California.  It featured 25 groups with the 25th group representing the X Legion of California.  From there came the first two non-American living history groups - the Roman Lego IX from San Diego and 1470 Red Company Medieval Knights from northern San Diego.
And where did it stop?  In 2001 Andy Bradshaw and 10 members representing the Renaissance Faire of Southern California set up their encampment in the bottom park area.  In 2002 the numbers increased to 30 members.  In 2003 three groups had their camps packed up from the end of the faire and were ready to attend OFMD.  Their numbers continued to grow since then with three to six groups and over 300 members.  Visitors had a chance to see the Renaissance Faire up close and in person while attending the Old Fort MacArthur Days Living History Event.  
To Be Continue . . . .
(Story being prepared - watch for updates.)

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