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Liability Release

OFMD Information

Liabilities and
Agreement Not To Sue


Since Reenacting is dangerous, participants and parents of participants assume all risks for themselves, their
spouse, and their minor children by Accepting the wristbands that will be used and worn during this event.

1.        I acknowledge that Reenacting during the ‘Old Fort MacArthur Days’ Fundraiser and its related activities are hazardous activities.  I am aware of the wide range of activities associated with battle reenactments, encampments, and Living History presentations (hereinafter simply referred to as the “reenactment event”), and I have made a voluntary choice to participate in those activities despite the risks they may present.  In consideration of my being permitted to participate in activities connected with the reenactment event listed below, or any other reenactment event, I agree to assume ANY AND ALL RISKS OF INJURY OR DEATH, which may be associated with, or result from, my participation in the ‘Old Fort MacArthur Days’ and activities associated with it.  

2.        I further RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE and COVENANT NOT TO SUE the reenactment event’s associations, its sponsors, all reenactor participants in the reenactment event, and their agents, employees, members, and volunteers, (hereinafter THE PARTIES) from all liability for myself, or any party claiming an interest through myself (including, but not limited to, my heirs, spouses, children and/or beneficiaries) for loss or damage or demand therefore on account of injury to the person or property or death of myself, whether caused by their negligence or for any other reason, while preparing for, practicing for, traveling to or from, or participating in the reenactment event.    

3.        I further INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS THE PARTIES and each of them from loss, liability, damage or claim they may incur due to my action during the reenactment event, whether caused by their negligence or otherwise.   

4.        It is the intent of the undersigned that this and/or the above release be as broad and inclusive as is allowed by law.  If any portion is found by a court of law to be invalid, the remainder shall continue in full force and effect.  This release is entered into solely for the benefit of THE PARTIES, their officers, trustees, agents, members and volunteers and other mentioned above when engaged in activities connected with the reenactment event, when engaged in activities, which promote the participation in this event, or when engaged in the preparation for or travel to the reenactment event.  It does not confer a release upon parties not acting in such a capacity.   

5.        I understand that this release applies to all parties.  I will list my minor children on their own separate event pass for minors, and on whose behalf I am empowered to sign this release.  I hereby declare under the penalty of perjury of the laws of the State of California that the information and the birth dates of my children listed are true and correct.  I consent to whatever medical care might be provided or available for injury occurring during the reenactment event for my minor children.  I authorize the reenactment event to contract for medical treatment for my minor children, which may be required as a result of illness or injury, which occurs during the participation in or while traveling to or from the reenactment event if I am not available or present when the need arises.   

6.        I am familiar with the Safety standards used by the ‘Old Fort MacArthur Days’ event, my group’s own Safety standards, the rules and regulations of the Association to which my group is a member, the Safety standards from other reenactment events, and those Safety standards used by the reenactment organizations in general.  I am also familiar with the Standards of Safety based on rules and regulations from the City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, State of California, and the United States itself.  These Safety standards include, but are not limited to the following: the minimum distance for shooting at another individual is 30 feet; the artillery safety zone is 75 feet; a rammer upright on the hub means that an artillery piece is loaded and is about to fire; and crossed rammers above the artillery piece means that the gun has misfired and no one should approach it.  I am aware that Safety is a paramount issue and that everyone should call a “cease fire” when an unsafe condition exists on the field.  I will never draw my ramrod from a weapon on the field when participating with weapons of that era.  I will be aware of the use of sword, or any edged weapons during a battle reenactment and/or demonstration of any era.  I am aware that the use of ear noise protectors for me and my minors is the responsibility of me.  

7.        I have read the rules and regulations regarding the ‘Old Fort MacArthur Days’ event.  I have read this document, and I fully understand this Release and all its terms and warrant that the above is true and correct in all respects and that no representations, statements, or inducements apart from the foregoing have been made.  I am aware that this is a release of liability and a contract and by accepting an event wristband from my group I agree to obey any and all rules and regulations of my own free will.  

Do Not Mail Or Bring In This Form. 
OFMD Information