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Fort MacArthur and WEST


Artillery Personnel Reporting In
Drilling Before Work
Cleaning Up
Cleaning the Cemetery
Living History

This is our little story of Fort MacArthur and the cleanup crew.


Four members of W.E.S.T.
are featured in the photograph
on the left.  Yes, we do not
always portray the Rough
Riders of the Spanish-American
War.  We especially enjoy 
helping and supporting the
Fort MacArthur Museum
when it sends out a call for
volunteers. If you can tell who
they are, contact W.E.S.T. 
So what do you think about our
little espisode of Ft. MacArthur? 
Yes, being a volunteer is hard
work. But we wanted to help
maintain a good appearance
for the Museum. And the only
way to do this is to put some
elbow grease behind those

That is just what we did and we had fun doing it.  Want to volunteer? Check the Fort MacArthur web site by clicking the link below.
The Fort MacArthur Museum is located in beautiful Angel Gate Park, 3601 South Gaffey Street, City of San Pedro, Port of Los Angeles.  Click the museum's link below for directions.

If you wish to contact Lou Lopez, just click the link below for WEST's web site or  to e-mail him: 

W. E. S. T.

28th Anniversary
12 - 13 JULY 2014
Saturday and Sunday
1000 - 1600 ( 4 pm )
Flag Raising Ceremonies at 1010
Parade of Troops following the ceremonies

For The Year 2014, the Fort MacArthur Museum will be
Celebrating the 28th Anniversary of the OFMD Living History Event
and Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Fort MacArthur 
& the Start of the Great War to End All Wars.
So Mark Your Calendars For The First Multi-Cultural and
Continuous Living History Event Held West Of The Mississippi.